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The Starbucks Prepaid Visa – Get it and forget it

December 26, 2020

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The Starbucks Prepaid Visa is underrated. I recommend you get one (the prepaid debit card, not the credit card) and then just load the minimum and let it sit with a $10-ish balance.

Why? 2 big reasons:

Starbucks Rewards don’t expire when you have the card. So you can save up your points for better redemptions.

They send free coffee coupons to your account around holidays, particularly in December. Here’s this years’ offer (which was sent in late November 2020):

I don’t use this card for much. It just kinda sits there. I do get like $100 of free coffee every year from it though. Not bad for a prepaid card with no monthly fees and/or swipes needed.

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