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The MoviePass of Gym Memberships: Active and Fit Direct

February 9, 2020

by — Posted in YouShouldKnow

Active and Fit direct is a corporate/association gym membership bundle. For $25/month, you can access all the following corporate gyms in the network:

  1. Anytime Fitness
  2. Gold’s Gym
  3. LA Fitness
  4. Curves
  5. Workout Anytime
  6. Snap
  7. Blink
  8. (and lots of local gyms…)

That’s cheaper than joining any single gym chain…

You can actually use it at ALL of the gyms at once. You get set up with an access code/keychain for each gym you stop at just like a normal customer…

I have a link that works if you’re interested but have to keep it a secret so it doesn’t get cancelled. 😉 Just one of the benefits of joining every f&%king rewards and affiliate portal known to man.

On the negative, they have horrible customer service and take forever to respond to your calls and emails, so as long as nothing goes wrong you can’t lose but when it does you might be annoyed. I think it’s worth it.

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