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The best place to buy stuff is… Sears?

February 8, 2020

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Sears’ SYW program is the most ridiculous thing ever. I’ve spent at least 10k in free money (they just gave it to me for no reason, srsly) there since 2017, when I found out about the SYW Uber partnership. Sears would hand me $2, $4, or $5 worth of points for every single uber ride I took for about two years for, well, not really any good reason. And since I was commuting via uber daily, that adds up quick.

It turned into a game to see what I could get for free. Which was mostly everything. Kitchenaid Mixer. A 3-year-supply of TP. 35 to 40 1000 TC luxury cotton sheet sets. 600 new dress shirts. You know, the works. The problem is that they don’t have much in stock anymore. I’ve already bought everything good from them I can think of!

In the time since that died in June 2019, I have given Sears some actual money. I bought a new Whirlpool French Door Fridge. I paid $226 in real money (after points) so I could get a 2 year extended warranty from my credit card, and then got $300 cashback in points from that. Idk. This company is amazing.

Get in on the Sears points action before it’s too late!

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