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The Brokerage-Wars Heat Up

October 6, 2019

by — Posted in Brokerage, IRA, Referrals, Tax Advantaged Accounts

With Schwab, IB, E*Trade, and TD Ameritrade all dropping their trade commission fees this week, the world is a better place. I’m pretty stoked about the news.

Schwab is my general brokerage of choice because they have a very nice Investor Checking account I’ve had for several years, several very low cost ETFs, and generally good execution on trades. They also offer a decent referral offer you can use:

Net Deposit Bonus Award
$1,000–$24,999 $100
$25,000–$49,999 $200
$50,000–$99,999 $300
$100,000+ $500

You can use my link to sign up if you would like:

My suggestion? Open a Roth IRA, put $1000 in, and boom you made a 10% tax free return. Easy.

Also, I don’t get anything if you use the link. Up to you. TDA’s Think or Swim platform is pretty good if you’d rather not use Schwab. I also like IB’s rates on cash at rest. They pay competitive rates.

If you have more than $100k to transfer, then don’t use this link at all. There’s a public bonus that offers $2500 for moving up to 1 million but that’s out of my league.

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