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The Best Credit Cards: CNB Crystal

October 1, 2019

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The best credit card on the market today is the City National Bank Crystal Visa Infinite card. There’s no disputing it. It’s a sexy metal card with rewards and benefits to match. This card has such an absurd value proposition that it makes up for how lackluster City National Bank is as an actual bank…

You don’t hear much about the Crystal because CNB doesn’t actually want you to get one; you need to apply in person at a branch or have an existing relationship in place. They don’t pay for internet ads or referral commissions. Nope. They just make the card awesome instead. This is no Chase Sapphire Reserve (meh). No no no no no. It’s WAY BETTER.

Why it’s really good:

  • It earns points at a high rate on lots of normal spend categorizes (worth 1-1.3 cents each). 3 Points per $1 spent on gasoline, grocery, airline, hotel, taxi, uber, lyft, limousine, rental car, train, bus, restaurant, fast food, and takeout food dining purchases, and 1 Point per $1 spent on all other purchases.
  • You can add 3 authorized users onto your account. Their additional cards don’t cost you anything ($0 annual fee) and they get full benefits (including the $250/yr air travel credit). Perfect for families.
  • The $250/yr air travel credit, per card, means you can get $1000 of value out of the card every calendar year if you have 3 authorized users. Wow. Just wow.
  • This is a legit Visa infinite card and has the full benefits package. So you can save $100 on air travel every time you use the card to book a qualifying U.S. domestic round-trip coach airline itinerary for 2+ people. Adds up.
  • $100 global entry credit/super cool heavy metal card/Gogo wifi passes/ various other stuff.
  • Primary Car Rental Insurance (good coverage)
  • 2x Unlimited Priority Pass Select memberships (member + guest) for airline lounge and restaurant access. You can actually name someone that’s not a cardholder to get a membership. Really flexible and nice.
  • Good suite of insurance coverage for medical evacuation and extended warranties and stuff.

I make like $1000/yr on this card AND get to enjoy all the Priority Pass airport restaurant subsidies. Not bad at all.

Anyway, good luck actually getting the Crystal if you live outside a big city with CNB branches and happen to make less than 100k/yr. But if you can get it, my god, do it. Well worth the $400 annual fee. It’s my favorite credit card on the market hands down.

Here’s a link in case you want to read more:

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