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Payce: Another Obscure Rewards Program

September 30, 2019

by — Posted in Rewards Programs

I’ve run across several really cool rewards programs over the years and you generally don’t hear too much about them…. I make 1-2k/yr on various non-credit card rewards program kickbacks (combined) so it’s not like it’s super profitable but I think it’s still worthwhile for side income.

The IRS considers these kind of payments to be a rebate and therefore not taxable income. Yippee. So that’s mainly why it’s worthwhile.

So, for the first rewards program in what will be a long running series of them, let’s start with Payce. It’s a credit/debit card linked rewards program. You let them track your spending and they pay you if you shop at a linked merchant. I’ll write about other programs like this at a later date. I sign up for all of them since there’s no point in being anonymous with cc spend. Your bank is already selling your data without your knowledge (unless you use the Goldman Sachs Apple mastercard, anyway) so why not get a cut of the action for yourself?

So that’s Payce. Every month, if you remember to activate your offers, you’ll earn 5-10% in silent rebates at Starbucks, Home Depot, Macys, Sears, and various other stores and establishments. If you don’t, well, they’ll still get to monitor your transactions anyway. It’s worth a massive tens of dollars per year in my experience. But whatever, I’ll take it.

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