Saving big money on Uber and Lyft rides

July 17, 2017

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I hate how stressful and expensive driving is, so I use ridesharing services quite often. It’s convenient, easy, and in my case, cheap. Here are several ways you can save big money on your uber and lyft trips:


1. If you haven’t signed up for Uber yet, use a promo code. Here’s mine (for $10 off your ride): matthewi156ue

2. Uber Flat Rate Passes are amazing. The details change on the monthly flat rate package quite often, but you typically pay $15-$20 upfront for 4 weeks of unlimited discount uber rides. This month, I can take a ride anywhere in the greater LA area, from Lancaster to Santa Monica to Long Beach (except LAX), and it will only cost me $4.99. Yes plz. These are only available in large metro areas (Boston, NYC, etc) and are only available for sign up once a month.

3. You can save $1 per Uber ride by using the ibotta app, and earn additional spend bonus rebates as well. There’s currently a $5 uber gift card you get for taking 3+ uber rides in July and a $2 bonus that works as well. If you haven’t signed up for ibotta, use my code to get a $10 bonus: pjnfwlq. Here’s a link.

4. Link the credit or debit card you use to Drop. They’ll give you an extra 1.5% cash back on uber rides charged to your cards (and at other businesses). Use my code if you don’t have one already for beta access and a $1 bonus: eojjg
Android link | iTunes link

5. Starwood offers 1 SPG point per $2 spent on uber, as long as you stay in an SPG hotel once a year. Link your account here.

6. Buy discounted Uber gift cards. You can often find deals to buy uber gift cards 10% off on Paypal Digital Gifts. I have a discontinued Chase Ink Plus, so I earn bonus 5 points per dollar off these cards. Total effective discount: ~15%.

7. If you have an Amex Platinum, you can get $15/month in free uber credit. You can get a Platinum with the first year annual fee waived here. If you want an Amex Plat for free, you can sign up for a new one via that link every year like clockwork.

8. Link up your cards with ThanksAgain for more milage earning.


1. Lyft is cool. You should use a promo code when you sign up. Here’s mine (for $10 off your first ride): matthew508733

2. You can earn 1 Delta mile for every dollar you spend on lyft or 2 miles for rides to or from an airport, automatically. Skypesos aren’t great but I’ll take what I can get. Sign up here.

3. You can earn 30 Jetblue points on rides to or from an airport. This stacks with the Delta promo so why not sign up for it as well? Here’s a link.

4. Lyft has ride passes too, but they’re less valuable generally and are targeted specifically to you via the app. Keep a look out for them.

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