FYI: The Chase Hyatt Card gives abnormally high credit lines

July 17, 2017

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I’ve noticed the Chase Hyatt credit card gives out abnormally high credit lines on approval (about 2x a “normal” amount). This can be especially useful to know if you ever want to do a balance transfer to a Chase Slate card or you need to boost your limits at Chase for any reason. If you’re going to need to use a hard pull to get a better limit anyway, you might as well get to go on vacation!

The Slate card is the best balance transfer card on the market because it offers a fee free balance transfer and 0% interest, but Chase typically assigns painfully low limits to this card (a few thousand or so) that will keep you from making much use out of it. But if you sign up for both a Hyatt card AND a Slate card, you can message Chase and move a large portion of your Hyatt card limit to the Slate card. And you can get a few free Hyatt nights as a bonus!

The best signup offer for the Hyatt card as of this post is for 45,000 points + $50 statement credit. The $75 annual fee not waived. To get this offer, you need to create a Hyatt rewards account and then make a fake booking. You should be able to see an ad for the card with this offer before you finish.

Since Chase offers a $200 new savings account bonus for depositing $15,000 in an account, you can use the money you’ve borrowed from Chase for free (0% bt fee and 0% interest) to make an extra $200 profit on the side. Not bad. Not bad at all.

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