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April 10, 2017

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Hi there. Matt Ivan here.

It looks like you’ve just stumbled upon my personal blog space. Lucky you.
I’m a college senior going for my first (and second) Bachelor’s degrees in Computational Neuroscience and Film at USC. I actually bought this domain a few years back intending to create a really cool neuroscience research discussion board, but I never actually did that, so now it’s a wordpress site. Lack of ambition has never been my problem ;).

Several people have actually asked me to start a blog — so I guess that’s happening now. I have some interesting hobbies and a knack for remembering worthless information, so it just comes with the territory I think. Hopefully we can all gain something out of this. Maybe I’ll make $4 on ads for my effort (nah. I hate ads.) or maybe I’ll pick up a dedicated following. Who knows? Que Sera, Sera.

I’ll be publishing actual blog posts whenever I have time and/or feel like it, so I wouldn’t check back everyday if I were you. Well. Maybe. We’ll see. Hope you enjoy.

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