Playing cash transfer referral schemes for profit

April 10, 2017

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I love VC-flush companies that spend big to subsidize user growth. I try to use all of these companies in one way or another to take advantage. Consider the case of friend circle payment apps. Paypal’s Venmo subsidiary is the clear leader in new age p2p payments, but it’s hardly my favorite because Paypal sucks. But, better yet, Square and Circle will literally pay you to use them instead! Have an iPhone or android device? You can make $20 in less than 1o minutes just moving money in a circle.

Join Circle with me and, after you send $25, we both get $10 in our accounts.

So, you can send me $25 and then I can venmo you $25 back. And we both just made $10.

Then, Square will pay you another $10 to send someone $50. So we can do the same thing there.

$20 profit in less than 10 minutes. Not bad right?

You don’t have to involve me in this at all, but I’d obviously appreciate it ;).


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